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I'm sure that some of you have you seen the stories coming out the last few days about the connections in the shootings at Aurora CO and Newtown, CT? With all the misinformation the media gave last Friday is coming to a head and the word is getting out...Obama and his cronies are going to try to disarm America, do you see where I'm going here....

First off, I'm extremely scared for my family right now, because if what I'm about to say is true of our Government, then if I publish what I know and have heard and have researched...this government is corrupt and can do anything to cover anything up and use smoke and mirrors to try to prevent us seeing what is really going on behind your back, in the left hand while they are pointing and arguing with the right...smoke and mirrors...

These stories are passed around, the latest being the URGENT UPDATE on Connecticut
Where she talks about watching the reporting live on TV and the information that was rolling in was, there was a 2nd shooter (BTW, we really never heard about that again), to the shooter killing his mom who was a teacher of the kindergarten class, we hear that he was buzzed in, then he wasn't buzzed in and then it appeared as though the school has been broken into, the report about the altercation that Adam Lanza had with some faculty members the day before the shooting, to having 3 weapons on him, to 2 weapons, and he used a rifle, back to they actually found the rifle in the car in the parking lot, right back around to his mother never being a teacher there or a sub, to he killed his parents at the home they shared, to only killing his mom at home.

Well I remember that day as well, as I visited with my husband several times that day by phone, each and every time, we each had a different report to tell the other, not to mention he telling me that his co-workers were all telling different things to as well as my co-workers were to me. What about them saying it was Ryan the older brother, only to be Adam. What about the semi-automatic being found in the car (in the parking lot), but the casings for it inside the school? What about the 4th gun found outside the school? How was he able to kill that many (each 3-11 times) all by himself in such a small amount of time? And now, why have we not heard from the guy found in the woods behind the school, "the second shooter"? Starting to peak your interest yet? Here's another link to that "second shooter". That story says the AP (Associated Press) said sometime around 1pm that suspect was Ryan Lanza and his younger brother was being questioned by police. That wasn't corrected for up to an hour.

It all came full circle back to none of those earlier reports 1) don't even show up anymore or 2) have all been updated...I don't get it and quick frankly, I just want facts, I think we have had the facts at one time or another and now they are buried along with a big bright shiny package of retractions or updates. This went on all day Friday and into Saturday morning. Will we ever get facts...NO, all eyewitnesses are dead...or so they say.

You can listen to the police scanner, even they say multiple shooters, the teachers see 2 shadows running by, past the gym, why do they say at the :57 second mark that shots are now being heard after they already said there was no gunfire, one officer who is trying to find the suspects say "their coming at me...we got 'em now, down the left side" somewhere around the 1:01 mark, really, but at this time, Adam is supposed to already be dead as per their accounts, remember, no gunfire was being heard at all, then there was again. Also now they have a dismissal of the Mystery Man in the Woods explained? Name...Chris Manfredonia...a parent of a child at the school, but he was dressed in camo pants and a dark jacket and he comes out looking at parents saying "I didn't do it, ...I'm not a huge Conspiracy Theorist, but this smells of BO...Barack Obama himself. And what about this child's video interview about how the cops came in his classroom to ask if the shooter is in there. So OBVIOUSLY they are chasing someone around the school and either saw them/him/or whomever go into that room or somewhere nearby...

So here's what we wrap up, you should see this video because it puts all the links together.

The father of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, Peter Lanza, was the tax director for General Electric (yes GE, who owns NBC, strange connection in & of itself, the media stronghold). Its a corporation that paid $0.00 dollars in taxes on 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year. That's not 14.2 gross, that's NET, bring home pay, after all costs were deducted. According to Fabian4Liberty, Peter Lanza was scheduled to testify in the ongoing global LIBOR scandal. In what could only be described as an amazing coincidence, the father of the Aurora, CO movie theater shooter (James Holmes) is Robert Homes. He was also a LIBOR witness in his position with FICO. FICO is a public company that analytical and decision making services, including credit scoring. According to the link at FICO, Robert Holmes was a "Fraud Scientist". So both fathers are to testify before the US Senate in the ongoing London Inter Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR). It is known as the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international banks have been complicates in the scandal , accused of rigging contract worth trillions of dollars. HSBC has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of the low level traders arrested.

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have a motive and a link. This coincidence is impossible to overlook. Two mass shootings connected to LIBOR. I believe that OUR GOVERNMENT is trying to manipulate and coerce the witnesses true testimony to prevent yet another scandal in the Barack Administration. And now there is this other connection that The New Batman movie that came out in (the same night of the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting) has a connection to Sandy Hook, its named out in the movie, read the article here. Its all coming together like a giant dot-to-dot picture in a coloring book. Bottom Line, something went down on Friday, December 14th, and it smells of BO...

The only legible words on the map are "Sandy Hook"
Do you see how close the fire station is, the police station is right by that. Its only .8 tenths of a mile from school. Click here for link of map. 

And why haven't they (government) squashed would be easy to just say, hey it's not the same people, but they are hush hush, and no one is asking the questions that we want answers too...

I think if we don't start asking questions we are going to be in big trouble. I believe what is going on here is this:

Hillary Clinton signed the Small Arms Treaty with the UN, she brought that to congress, they voted it down with flying colors. Then we have Aurora Shooting in a movie theater, we have a Sic Temple shooting, Benghazi scandal, the Clackamas Mall shooting, and now Sandy Hook Elementary. Don't believe for a second that our government is not capable of pulling this off and making it happen. That is called a "False Flag". Did you hear Obama's speech on Monday? He said he would do anything in his power to restrict assault weapons...does that include an Executive Order? Would he do such a thing if he couldn't get it past the House or the Senate? Should he? NO, HELL NO! Would he, YES, you know he would, he's used Executive Orders in this fashion before, so I wouldn't put it past him.

So we caught up on and started saying, well its the "Gun Free Zone" signs out front of all those locations, it happened at our most vulnerable places, schools, malls, movie theaters, churches and temples. You wouldn't put one in front of your house, would ya? Then they went onto "well I don't know of anyone that needs 30 rounds in the gun to hunt" I want you to tell those people that The 2nd Amendment " not the right to shoot at a deer. It's the right to shoot at the government if it is taken over by tyrants". I believe we are in trouble folks, America is in trouble...

Watch what one hand is doing while the other is doing something else while yet another extension of the Obama clan is doing on their 3rd hand, its something else, they are bringing people together against 2nd amendment rights with their Union Thug mentality using the BLOOD of these precious innocent children at Sandy Hook. Don't let may not have guns, you may not like guns, you may have guns, you may have many guns, but if you don't believe in having a gun for your self and your family, DO NOT take my right away to have one. Obama's going in for a GUN GRAB, so he can send them to the Middle East, and no still not to Benghazi, but to the CR@ZY muslim brotherhood, just like the F-16's he sent them...Watch him and be vigilant!

The more and more things that come out about Connecticut, the more and more I doubt my government, just look at this picture. Is this a witness protection community? Why are the people and parents being interviewed add something else more to the story that doesn't add up? Its plain to see, I'm not a huge conspiracy person, but one single incident can't have all these coincidences...its too many to write off... please view this video, it will explain a lot of information, it shows pictures of her and her family in Florida where they live with their children who also were supposed to be killed in the Gifford's shooting in AZ, there is no way that 2 parents look exactly like these two parents and their is no way that their kids can look exactly like these kids, no way, no how, it's impossible, it is these people with different names, OUR GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO US EVERYDAY!!!

What about this photo? Isn't the little girl in the pic with Obama dead?  

And here is a video to disprove it. I can't agree with all of the video, but this video explains a lot and is by far the best one out there with the most info, despite his hateful thoughts at the end. And what was the father laughing about 3 seconds before his interview and then instantly prepares himself to try to produce tears, it is very odd, watch it, not one tear rolls down his face, not one. I have 4 kids and I would be a mess, no matter how much I leaned on my faith, a full blown mess...

And what about this Name over the police scanner "Christopher A. Rodia" and his license plate was over the scanner as well. Run a Google search on him...we originally thought he said Christopher Manfredonia (sp), a parent at the school. Turns out the License plate of Adam's car belongs to Christopher A. Rodia...weird, right?

And the Bible verse that Obama used while trying to show comfort to these families: 

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." - 2 Corinthians 4:18

Really, he chose that verse? Kind of wants to make you make a tinfoil hat and put it on...
Kind of makes you wonder what our government will create next to take our other Liberties and God-Given rights away from us. He is literally telling us to not focus on the unseen and just focus on what me and the media are telling you to act and feel, not what I'm doing behind your backs, its temporary.

So now that you have seen that video, are you really sure that the Connecticut, the Aurora & the Gifford shootings are really real? I believe what we have going on here is way bigger than you think: 1) Where are the American Benghazi survivors? There are survivors, remember our 2 Navy Seals took 7 hours rescuing 28 people as Obama watched in real time and never sent anyone to help? Well now you know where they are, they are being placed in Witness Protection Communities all across America by our GOVERNMENT and they are systematically being murdered by our government so that no one ever knows the real truth about Benghazi, so that the USA can get full control of our guns and take over and most likely try to move towards the One World Government. It will allow Barack to remain president of the United States of America longer than the 8 yrs he was originally elected for...Are you ready to learn the truth about your government? Are you ready to band together yet? Are you ready to take our America that we know back? Barack has stomped and stomped all over our Constitution and I believe he is so arrogant and narcissistic that he wants someone to stop him, in fact he's begging for it, he's asking us to come and take it back, with his little smirks and ego, he's asking us to "try and take me out of this Whitehouse, do it, impeach me, I dare you to try, I will mock you all the way!!!!" 



  1. Obama had already stated his intentions of taking guns. He now has made this story his agenda reason. Not too many believed his tears. It was hard to understand all the misinformation. And then nothing about the brother. But the one person who was a survivor whether child or teacher said they saw two people pass by a window. Was this before or after the shooting started.

  2. Stargazer, you are right, he has already stated that's what he wants to do. The whole point of the story was to let you see how much information that is out there on this, it can't be just coincidences, it can't be. I'm scared of our own Government. I'm scared for my kids who had their bags searched today at school during FINALS. They weren't even allowed to step one foot down a hallway with anything more than money in their pocket or a pencil. Girls even had to leave their purses in the gym. With all the looming Dec. 21st crap, school shootings, rumors of more to come, it's just sad that our kids who should be studying or completing exams for the semester, can't even think because they have all this and more on their minds. Our kids will suffer because of this.

    And I would like to know also if the child or teacher who said they saw 2 people pass a window, was it before or after cops got there. Now remember on the police scanner recording at about 1:01 into it, one officer says, "They're coming at me, we've got 'em now, down the left side", who? And to use 'them' means more than one otherwise he would say him and maybe he said that, but then how do you explain using 'They're' when talking about they're coming at me, if it was only one person, he would have said, 'He's' coming at me, you can mistake 'em for him, but you can't mistake they're for he's. Too fishy...


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